Premium Quality
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

100% Italian and Organic
Single Estate
Bottled in small batches
Fruity • medium intensity
Perfectly balanced
Exceptional nutritional values with
Polyphenols > 550mg/kg and acidity < 0.15%

Olio le Clarisse

The Inspiration

In the 13th century, a community of nuns lived in contemplation in the monastery of San Lorenzo in Collazzone, Umbria. The olive trees that surround the monastery now produce an authentic, vivacious and harmonious oil of extreme purity, in keeping with the virtues of the Clarisse's.


The Labor

Our olive oil is produced from traditional Umbrian cultivars Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino, grown exclusively on our estate that is certified organic. We farm sustainably and regeneratively, using resources from the land to continuously improve soil health.

We prune our 600 trees every year to allow optimum access of air and light to the fruits. Weeds are chopped and dropped in the grove to allow rain water retention and absorption of naturally present nutrients into the soil.

Olives are conscientiously hand picked at the perfect time for fully developed aromas, bold flavors, exceptional nutritional qualities, and the highest possible levels of healthy polyphenols. We take the utmost care during all stages of production: from clean picking to cold pressing within 12 hours of harvest time, to meticulous filtering, to cool and air-tight storage in nitrogen-pressurized stainless steel tanks. We then bottle in-house in small batches to quarantee maximum freshness.


The Joy

The premium quality organic extra virgin olive oil Le Clarisse has a distinct fluidity, a lively and complex aromatic balance and a very fine length in the mouth. Herbaceous scents of freshly cut grass and aromatic herbs give way to fruity notes of green and sweet almond followed by pleasant bitter tones of artichoke and cardoon combined with a long lasting touch of peppery spiciness. To preserve the sensory profile and the healthy properties of this pure EVOO, we recommend to use it raw for finishing hot dishes and for seasoning. You will be surprised by the aromatic contribution of Le Clarisse to your everyday meals and by the creative potential it holds for new and sensational culinary experiences.



“Azienda Agricola Cultura Viva was born from our desire to breathe life back into the stones and the land.”

Laurence Deprez-Zenezini & Stefano Zenezini



We had Le Clarisse yesterday with bread, with asparagus and we also made mayonnaise with it for egg salad. Absolutely DELICIOUS. Earthy, almost floral, with fragrant notes of fresh green grass whilst also releasing a very subtle sweetness. Loved it.

Juan USA

I first tried Le Clarisse on a piece of bread and on a tomato with mozzarella. The experience was extremely pleasing, the taste was so fresh and the intensity just right, a very unique experience that culminated in a beautiful lasting flavour in the mouth.

Alain Belgium

Refreshing and nicely spiced! We LOVE Le Clarisse.

Artur Switzerland

The EVOO Le Clarisse is rich in flavor and so well balanced.

Jose Luis USA

My mother is Italian and olive oil was an essential ingredient in our kitchen. I learned then how to taste a good olive oil. I must admit that Le Clarisse is one of the best I have ever had.


The quality of Le Clarisse is amazing and I could immediately notice how better it tastes than other olive oils I have had in the past. I also love the fact that is is made sustainably and with care.

Sameer USA